Shore Leave Cutting Board
Shore Leave Cutting Board
Shore Leave Cutting Board

About the “Shore Leave” line of products

A long time friend of ours wanted us to make him a cutting board that featured Zebrawood. We filled in a majority of the remaining space with Walnut and Maple. However, we thought something was missing and we tried something bold: we tossed in a few accent strips of Purple Heart. During the design process we weren’t sure if this board was going to turn out. However, after making the initial batch we knew we wanted to make more!

We named this board after a classic Star Trek: The Original Series episode entitled “Shore Leave” where the crew of the Enterprise visit an exotic planet for some rest and recreation. This was the first board we created that featured double exotic wood species, so the name made sense (to us at least).

Material Sourceability

Maple – Common
Purple Heart – Uncommon
Walnut – Common
Zebrawood – Uncommon