It started around the holidays.

Founded in 2023, Final Frontier Designs creates high quality, handcrafted cutting boards from materials sourced from all over the world. Our first cutting boards were made for friends and family members for the holidays in 2022. After getting many “You could sell these!” comments and noticing how many people didn’t want to cut on our boards due to their design, we decided to make it official and Final Frontier Designs was born shortly thereafter.

Our fist cutting boards were made as gifts for friends and family. Only 12 boards were made and this design will never be reproduced to ensure the original 12 remain unique.

Why “Final Frontier Designs”?

We have one of those “How do you pronounce that?” last names. Therefore, using our last name in the business name was ruled out. We wanted something more original than putting “woodcraft” or “woodworking” in the company name. Since a fair amount of time is spent during the design process, between doing the initial mock up to creating the first concept board, we decided to use “designs” in our name. We are Star Trek fans so one of us proposed the idea of “Final Frontier Designs” and we never looked back.

We are small and always will be.

We created this business as an outlet to create elegantly designed products to share with the world. We don’t have any intentions to mass produce cutting boards or grow this business into a large enterprise. We like to make cutting boards, we enjoy the design process, however one can only have so many. Founding Final Frontier Designs allows us to share some of our work outside of our friends and family circle.

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